The Community of Eagle Rock

We should all believe as parents and members of the community we should have something to say. Regarding the principal of Eagle Rock Junior and Senior High School as the tax payers of this community we should have the one and only say on this and nobody else should be the ones dictating on what is best for our children.

We all know what is best for our kids when given the ability to do so. Many teachers have done a great job giving our children an education and they have given them. We need to use the funding that has been given to our children to fight to give the staff we have the resources to continue to give our children the education that they deserve.

On the other had we have some that apparently have those who do no agree with us and would like to use funding for there own selfish needs and wants. It seems that LAUSD has made some false complaints against some of our staff to open up many positions for many people that they would want into these jobs. When thinking about this we need to ask ourself many questions.

  • When were the teaching credentials received?
  • What is their teaching experiences?
  • If they have administrative credentials when did they receive them?
  • What is their administrative experience?
  • What is their school based experience?
  • In what they do what is their plan compared to the plan that is in place?
  • What the time frame to get this underway?

What do you want our schools transformed into? You should want a voice and with that you should have a say in what our tax dollars are going to. If they are going to play games with the future of our children we will fight back because we do not like it. I was talking to one of the lawyers at a company about our situation and I was told that the law does not look too kindly on these types of things.

It is time for you to act today let your teacher, staff and administration know you want the staff that is here and you do not want people who are looking out for items other than our children’s future.

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