Get Involved Today

Why do we need you?

Making changes to the LAUSD can only happen by you acting, the parents. There are many Holding Handsnew players that are doing us a disservice to all of us. If we are talking about the field of education we can all help by emailing and calling our district administrators. We want them to see that they need to support our movement for better education and better quality for jobs and schools.

Our team is made of up of like minded teachers, parents, and administrators who want better return for our tax dollars and we want the best return for our community with the money that we have payed out.

We need accountability from those decisions that have been made by our dollars. With our misused money we need to speak up and be heard with what we have to say. They need to listen after all it is our money. We need not rest until we hear a response. This is not asking too much, it is part of their job.

If they do not share or concerns and or beliefs and do not share the respect for us and our children then it is time for us to join together to let them go in their job positions and find the ones that will serve the community that we have built. We will hold those responsible for the safety, education, and raising of our children. Working with one another will make this happen.

Spend time calling the District Administrator and share with him your concerns as a parentdance and invite him to one of our parent meetings. At these meetings tell him the needs, policies, schools and programs and what is missing from these items becoming a reality. He needs to remember were this money comes from and were it needs to go. After all perhaps he and some of the staff needs to go out all together.


If you agree please leave a comment below and thank you for your time.