Helpful Tips

The following is a list of things you can do with your child to help them be more productive in their education at school.

  • Please read with you child everyday. If you are concerned with their future you need to do just this. Read to them and have them read to you.
  • Know and educate yourself on what your child is learning.
  • Have everybody involved in the school learning.
  • Communicate with the school.
  • If there are changes in your family circumstances let the school know.
  • Respond to the messages from the school.
  • Attend all meetings, conferences and events.
  • Volunteer
  • If supplies are needed help by picking them up for the staff.
  • Become a leader for your child or children.
  • Help the school by getting others to volunteer.
  • Get donations from local business for the education and school needs.
  • Bring the community into the school.
  • Show your child what it is to be a leader.
  • Support those children that need help by being their resource.
  • Find out the state and local education laws.
  • Help the cultural groups family’s with their needs if needed.

There are many other ways that you can help just look around and get to action. The best thing you can do is just pay attention to what is going on and listening to your child.